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For pet cremations in Hereford contact Animal Funeral Services. We are based in Hereford but we are willing to travel to meet our customers’ requirements. For a highly professional and personal pet cremation service try us. We can cremate your pet and we can return the ashes to you in a wooden casket or pottery urn or alternatively we can scatter your pet’s ashes in our cemetery.

Our pet cremation services are available to vets but we aim our service towards the general public. We have been established since 1987 and we provide a dignified cremation service. We are a family run business and with over 20 years of experience and we stock a comprehensive range of casket types, keepsakes and memorial stones. We understand that it is an emotional time for you and that it is hard to cope with the loss of a loved pet so we aim to take the stress out of arranging your pets farewell.

Give your pet the farewell it deserves as the cherished loved one that he/she is. We have a veterinary nurse qualification. We are an ideal choice for people who require a personal and fitting cremation service for their pet. We will give your pet an appropriate and distinguished goodbye.

For more information on our 24 hour service please  contact us  using our contact form or by telephone 01544 340277 / 07970 875244  Rachael & Austin will be pleased to help you with any queries you may have.