At ASF we are always more than happy to help sort out your dogs or cats funeral arrangements and do exactly what you want. We collect regularly from veterinary practices and now it is becoming more frequent that owners ask us to collect their pet direct from home. We provide full instructions at the collection  in order that your wishes are carried out for your beloved pet. Pets are then taken back to our crematorium and cemetery in Herefordshire.

We offer an individual cremation service for all animals from small hamsters right up to a horse. After cremation the ashes are then carefully placed into an urn or casket of your choice securely.  All pets are treated as if they were our own with the utmost dignity and care they deserve. They are then returned safely directly to home or your veterinary practice.

We also offer communal cremations whereby your pet will be cremated along with other pets. Token ashes from the cremation can be given back but these are from many animals. A certificate of cremation can be requested by the owner if they wish.

We offer burials of all pets (excluding horses) in our Lyonshall cemetery. You are welcome to attend the burials of your pet and then visit the cemetery when you want all year round.